5 years old and now blogging

In October 2004, I set up Prizma as a niche ESIA & CSR consulting and training practice. The vision was simple: assisting and coaching those who seek to make their projects more bankable, credible and sustainable. As I am starting this blog, I feel that it may become an extension of and contriubute to my training courses. Participants always come up with thought provoking questions and a diverse range of perspectives. This blog provides a medium to share some of these and other topics with you and invite your opinions.

Key benchmarks I use in my practice include the IFC Performance Standards, the Equator Principles, the Global Reporting Initiative – and their application in a real-world setting. My biases are either moderated and/or entrenched by my academic and professional training pursued in geosciences and business administration in Germany, USA and the UK. I can also draw on nearly 20 years of international experience working at a financial institution (EBRD), CSR research agency (CoreRatings, now DNV/Innovest) and engineering/environmental consultancy (Dames & Moore, now URS).

Hope you join me in these reflections and conversations from time to time. What are some of the topic you would like see discussed in this blog?