Canadian CSR Centre for Extractives Launched

Canadian CSR Centre for Extractive Sector Launched

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)  is tasked with spearheading the development of the Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, which was launched today. Will it be able to transcend beyond a one‐stop‐web-shop with the latest information on CSR? 

Looking at the Canadian Government’s publication of its CSR Strategy for the Canadian International Extractive Sector, Building the Canadian Advantage, acknowledging the support of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and various stakeholders, and noting the impressive assembly of the Centre’s Interim Executive Committee, it seems that this Centre is perhaps taking this it one concrete step-at-a-time, and that there is more to come.

No doubt that providing easy access to information, tools and network are important steps towards further improving the CSR performance. Operationalizing and mainstreaming good performance ‘on the ground’, such as emerging markets and post-conflict/failed states, will be what many stakeholders are looking for.  

There seems to be always a challenge which comes with the title of ‘Center of Excellence’ - and who would prefer a more boring title like ‘Center of Mainstreaming’? Can such a Center effectively build bridges and cross the casm between ‘best CSR practices’ to reach and further improve the performance of the mainstream or even the laggards in the extractive sector?  

What are your expectations and recommendations?

Mehrdad Nazari -