Has GRI Reached Glass Ceiling?

After 10 years since publishing its first sustainability reporting guidelines,  GRI recorded 'only' about 1,300 sustainability reporters in 2009. Has GRI reached a glass ceiling and is it's current strategy effective for mainstreaming? 

GRI, its partners and supporters are rightly proud of GRI's many achievements. From translating the now G3 (Third Generation)  Guidelines into nearly 30 languages to being one of the most widely used sustainability reporting frameworks.

But has GRI already arrived in the ‘mainstream’ or is sustainability reporting still in the ‘innovator’ space of the adoption life cycle? Is GRI’s emphasis on translating it's Guidelines into 28 different languages, creating National Annexes, promoting integrated reporting, developing a variety of sector supplements helping with mainstreaming? Or are some of these steps inadvertently slowing down the uptake of sustainability reporting?  

I few years ago, Goeffrey Moore’s ‘Inside the Tornado: Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley’s Cutting Edge’ captured my interest while I was wondering why sustainability solutions (including reporting) were having such a tough time with 'mainstreaming.' As GRI’s big ‘shin dig’ is approaching in Amsterdam to celebrate a decade of success, do you think that Moore’s marketing concepts are applicable to GRI? Could they help GRI move from the first 1,000 (plus change) reporters to mobilize the next 10,000+ organizations enter their sustainability reporting journeys?