Improving GRI Report Inventory for USA and Canada

Today, GRI concluded an agreement with Prizma to jointly collect and share sustainability reports published in the US and Canada. The aim of this partnership is to improve publicly available inventories of GRI reports. 

An excel spreadsheet containing currently known GRI reports for Canada and the US  is available here (2009 to 2010). This spreadsheet will be updated on a weekly basis. GRI, Prizma and other Data Partners from around the world will exchange newly recorded reports on a monthly basis so that the latest GRI reports are available free of charge to the public. The global GRI Report List is available here. Prizma will also be providing a monthly blog update listing newly recorded GRI reports in the US and Canada.

Please help us with this task by sending a link of newly published sustainability reports to Send us also links to reports named 'CSR' or 'Corporate Citizenship' reports (etc) which contain a GRI Content Index. Unless requested otherwise, individuals submitting new reports/links will be acknowledged in Prizma’s monthly blog updates.

Prizma has been an Organizational Stakeholder of GRI since 2008. Prizma developed GRI-certified training programs for Canada and the US, and delivered over 10 GRI-certified short courses across Canada and the US.  

Mehrdad Nazari, Senior CSRI & ESIA Advisor, Prizma, Blog:, Web:

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