Expanding List of Sustainability Reports in US and Canada

Last Update: 29 Aug 2010 -- This blog entry contains a (growing) list of sustainability reports which were found missing in GRI's global database. Report which do not include, at a minimum, a GRI Index are not included in the list. Please continue to add report links as a comment to this blog entry or send via e-mail to mehrdad@prizmasolutions.com so that we can jointly help GRI improve its database of sustainability reports. The updated GRI Report list for USA and Canada is available herePrizma is a Data Partner for GRI in North America. 

A) Sustainability Reports/GRI Reports published in USA

Applied Materials, 2009 Citizenship Report, Technology Hardware sector, Self-declared Application Level C, http://www.appliedmaterials.com/about/csr/index.html  

Bacyrus, 2009 Sustainability Report, Equipment, B-level, GRI Checked,  http://www.bucyrus.com/media/116972/bucy_sdreport7710_final2.pdf

Boise, 2008-2009 Sustainability Report, undeclared, Forest & Paper Products, http://www.boiseinc.com/sustainability/Reporting.html

Citi, Global Citizenship Report 2009, Financial Services sector, Self-declared Application Level B, http://www.citigroup.com/citi/citizen  

Dell, Corporate Responsibility Report 2009, B, Self-declared, Technology Hardware, http://content.dell.com/ca/en/corp/report.aspx

Duke Energy, 2009-2010 Sustainability report, Energy Utility sector, Self-declared Application Level B, http://sustainabilityreport.duke-energy.com/

Fluor, Sustainability Report 2009, B-level, Self-declared, Other sector [engineering & construction services],  http://www.fluor.com/sustainability/Pages/report.aspx

HP, 2009 HP GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT, Technology Hardware Sector, Self-declared Application Level B, http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/

Johnson Matthey,  Sustainability Report 2009/10, B+, Third-party-checked, Chemicals, http://www.matthey.com/Sustainability2010/

Life Technologies, 2009 Global Citizenship Report, Healthcare Products sector [Biotechnology Tools], Undeclared, http://www.lifetechnologies.com/global-citizenship.html

Marathon Oil, 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Energy sector, GRI Index but no Application Level declaration, http://www.marathon.com/Social_Responsibility/Living_Our_Values_Report 

Mohawk Industries,  Sustainability Report 2009,  C+, Third-party-checked, Consumer durables, http://www.mohawksustainability.com/default.aspx

National Instruments, 2009 Citizenship Report, Technology Hardware, Self-declared Application Level B, http://www.ni.com/pdf/citizenship/en/report.pdf

Nevada Energy,  Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2009, Undeclared,     Energy Utilities, http://www.nvenergy.com/renewablesenvironment/sustainabilityreport.cfm

P&G, 2009 Sustainability Report, Undeclared, Household and Personal Products, http://www.pg.com/sustainability

PSEG, 2010 Corporate Sustainability Report, A-level, Self-declared, Energy Utilities, http://ipaperus.ipaperus.com/PSEG/SustainabilityReport/

Shaw Industries, 2009 corporate sustainability report, C, Self-declared, consumer durables,  http://www.shawgreenedge.com 

Sigma-Aldrich, 2009 Global Citizenship Report, Undeclared, Chemical sector, http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/customer-service/global-citizenship.html

Southwest Airlines, Two Thousand Nine – One Report, Airline sector, Application Level C+, 3rd Party Checked, http://www.southwest.com/cares/?src=PREMNASONERPTCITZ100708

Sunny Delight, 2009 Sustainability Report, C, Self-declared, USA, Food and Beverage Products, http://ww2.sunnyd.com/files/sustainability_report.pdf

Teco Energy,  2009 CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY REPORT,  Undeclared, Energy Utilities, http://www.tecoenergy.com/csr/

Texas Instruments, 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report Summary, Technology Hardware, Self-declared Application Level B, http://www.ti.com/corp/docs/csr/advocacy/2009_performance.shtml

 B) GRI Reports published in Canada

Agnico-Eagle Mines, 2009 CSR Report, Mining sector, GRI Index (no Application Level declaration), http://www.agnico-eagle.com/Theme/Agnico2/files/AEM_CSR_2010_Final.pdf

BC Hydro, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 (Integrated),  Undeclared, Energy Utilities, http://www.bchydro.com/etc/medialib/internet/documents/annual_report/2010_annual_report.Par.0001.File.2010_annual_report.pdf

BCE (Bell), 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report, Self-declared Application Level C, http://www.bce.ca/en/responsibility 

Canada Post, 2009 Social Responsibility Report, [Sector: Logistic? Public Agency?], Self-declared B Application Level, http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/aboutus/corporate/socialresponsibility/default.jsf

DeBeers Canada, 2009 Report to Society, Mining sector (including Mining and Metals Sector Supplement [draft Sector Supplement version 6.0 of 12 January 2009), Application Level C, GRI Checked, http://www.debeerscanada.com/files_3/publications.php

Kinross Gold, 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report,  A-level, GRI-checked, Mining, http://takingresponsibility2009.kinross.com/

Lundin Mining, 2009 Sustainability Report, Mining Sector, Application Level B, 3rd Party Checked. http://www.lundinmining.com/s/CorpResponsibility.asp

Nexen, 2009 Sustainability Report, Energy sector, Application Level B+, http://www.nexeninc.com/Investors/ReportsandFilings/SustainabilityReports.aspx

PotashCorp,  09 online sustainability report, chemical sector, undeclared, GRI Index, http://www.potashcorp.com/sustainability_reports/2009/introduction/

Red Back Mining, 2009 Sustainability Report, Mining Sector, Application Level B, 3rd Party Checked, http://www.redbackmining.com/s/Corp_Responsibility.asp

Scotiabank, 09 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Financial sector, Self-declared Application Level C, http://www.scotiabank.com/cda/content/0,1608,CID12041_LIDen,00.html 

Suncor, 2010 Report on Sustainability, Energy sector, Application Level A+, GRI Checked, http://www.suncor.com/en/responsible/1434.aspx

TELUS, Corporate social responsibility report 2009, Telecom sector, Self-declared Application Level A+, http://csr.telus.com/2009_csr_report/at_a_glance 

VANOC, Vancouver 2010 Sustainability report, Other sector [Event sector], GRI Application Level B+, http://www.vancouver2010.com/more-2010-information/sustainability/reports-and-resources/sustainability-report/

Xstrata Copper Canada, Sustainability Report 2009, Mining Sector, GRI Index (no Application Level declaration) http://www.xstratacopper.com/EN/SustainableDevelopment/2009%20Sustainability%20Reports/XCu_Canada_Division_SD_Report.pdf  

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  1. […] end of July 2010, 29 sustainability reports were added to list of GRI-type reports for USA and Canada (contains sector, application level/type and links) taking the total from 56 to now 87 […]

  2. This blog entry made it to my Top 10 for 2010. Full list posted here

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