GRI report count for US and Canada in 2010 now at 173

GRI reports published in Canada and USA has reached 173. GRI's total count for 2009 was 179. Good improvement but no GRI reporting revolution yet... 

23 GRI reports added to the list recently are shown below:

Agrium, Sustainability Report 2008-2009, B self-declared, Canada

ARC Resources, 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, C, Self-declared, Canada, Energy

ATCO Group, Corporate Sustainability Report 2008, C, Self-declared, Canada, Energy Utilities

Bell, 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report, C, Self-declared, Canada, Telecommunications

Barrick Gold, 2009 Responsibility Report, A+, Third-party-checked, Canada, Mining

Clorox, 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, B, GRI-checked, United States, Household and Personal Products

ConAgra Foods, 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, B, Self-declared, United States, Food and Beverage Products

Delta Airlines, Corporate Responsibility Report 2009,  C, Self-declared, United States, Aviation

Dow Chemical Company, 2009 Global Reporting Initiative Report, A+, GRI Checked, USA

DuPond, 2010 Global Reporting Initiative Report, B, Self-declared

EMC, 2009 Sustainability Report, B, self-declared, USA

Enbridge, 2010 CSR Report, A, Self-declared, Canada, Energy

EPCOR Utilities Inc., Corporate Responsibility Report 2009, A+, Third-party-checked, Canada, Energy Utilities

HDR, Corporate Sustainability Report 2008, USA, Undeclared

Holland America Line, Sustainability Report 2009, Undeclared, United States, Tourism/Leisure

HudBay Minerals, 2009 CSR Report, B, Third-party-checked, Canada, Mining

Jones Lang LaSalle, Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010, Undeclared, United States, Real Estate

Millipore, 2009 Sustainability Report, B+, self-declared, USA

Monsanto, 2008-2009 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, USA

Sara Lee, 2010 Sustainability Report, B, Self-declared, Food Processing Sector Supplement, USA

Seventh Generation, Corporate Consciousness Report, 2009, C, GRI-checked, United States, Household and Personal Products

Steelcase Inc, 2010 Corporate Sustainability Report, Undeclared, United States, Consumer Durables

UPS, Sustainability at UPS 2009, USA, B+, GRI Checked

The spreadsheet containing GRI reports for US and Canada published in 2010 can be accessed here.