Over 4,000 trained by GRI Training Partners

According to GRI, it’s GRI Certified Training Partners have already trained 4,000 participants around the world on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Process.  

I blogged previously that GRI Certified Training Courses Continue to Expand. According to GRI, there are now nearly 50 Certified Training Partners around the world. They provide GRI-certified training courses in 16 countries or regions and include the ISOS Group in the US. Over 25 additional training partners are in the process of being certified to cover new countries/regions.

To read about lessons learned in terms of misperceptions and reporting barriers while delivering 10 GRI-certified short courses in Canada and the US download this article: Sustainability Reporting using GRI Lessons Learned Nov09. To find out about GRI-certified courses offered across the US with the ISOS Group in New York and Washington DC and elsewhere, click here. To find out more about the GRI Certified Training Partners and in which countries/regions the GRI Certified Training Program is offered click here. To find out more about the learning objectives of the GRI Certified Training Program click here.