Veteran Reporters Bag CRA 2010 Sustainability Reporting Awards

The Chartered Accountants 2010 Sustainability Reporting Awards went to Suncor, and PotashCorp and Telus received honorable mentions.  Do such awards drive reporting uptake at all?

Sustainable development judges from Deloitte, IISD and CICA reviewed disclosures of over 50 companies from ten sectors across Canada. They highlighted that the most effective reports focused on these key areas:

Providing context so that the readers understand the operational and sectoral environment

Identifying material issues so that companies demonstrate that they are tackling critical issues of concern to internal and external

Ensuring completeness by reporting representative indicators and use of website to balance useful vs. overwhelming information disclosure.

Strengthening credibility by demonstrating integrity of information through external assurance.

Demonstrating commitment by communicating targets and related performance that strengthen accountability.

The Judges’ Comments Publication can be accessed here. - Although there is evidence of increase in GRI-type sustainability reporting in Canada (in contrast to an apparent decline in the US - I blogged about here), it is unclear to me if such awards – usually bagged by the “usual suspects” – can actually be linked to uptake of sustainability reporting (about which I blogged here). Is it time to come up with new kinds of awards or approaches to increase uptake of sustainability reporting? How would these look like?

Mehrdad Nazari (MBA, MSc, LEAD Fellow) is Senior CSR & ESIA Advisor at Prizma LLC, Web: