2010 GRI Reporting in Canada Grows by 45%, US Declines by 2%

In time to get out for drinks tonight, I am calling the final GRI-type sustainability reporting tally for 2010. Compared to 2009, Canada’s reporting grew by 45%, while US realized a marginal decline (2%).

Please visit updated stats discussed here: GRI Reporting Grows by 30% in USA and 50% in Canada

 Latest GRI-type sustainability reporting disclosures include the following:

 Carnival Cruise Line - 2009 Sustainability Report

CIBC - Annual Accountability Report 2009

Parsons - Sustainability Report (period?)

P&G - Sustainability Report 2010

Softchoice - 2009 Corporeate Sustainability Report

TD Financial Group - 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

The Doe Run Company - Sustainability Report 2009

World Bank Group - Corporate Responsibility Review

Xerox - 2010 - 2010 Global Citizenship Report

Yamana Gold - 2009 Sustainability Report

GRI Reporting in US and Canada in 2010

You can access the spreadsheet and bar chart for Canada and US here. GRI’s global spreadsheet can be accessed here. These lists and the bar chart contain only those reports that include a GRI Index. Please let us know if your report was inadvertently missed and we will update the databse and the bar chart by mid-January. 

Also, share your views about this discrepancy between US and Canada. Why do so many CSR reporterts avoid adopting the GRI framework and related standardized disclosure of KPIs and performance over time? Happy Holidays!

3 Comments to 2010 GRI Reporting in Canada Grows by 45%, US Declines by 2%

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  2. Dear Mehrdad,

    Thank you for the analysis. Hopefully, this blog piece will prompt US reporters to issue more GRI reports in 2011.
    However, 2010 has not finished yet, so we might experience a surge towards the end.
    Mehrdad: I hope you can show us the final numbers in February when the dataset will be ‘as complete as it gets’. And yes: all reporters from the USA and Canada that might have been missed for either reporting year 2009 and 2010, please contact either Mehrdad directly or GRI (reportservices@globalreporting.org).
    Happy New Year to all.

    Marjella Alma
    Report Services Manager, Global Reporting Initiative

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