How many GRI reports will we see in 2011?

Inspired by a recent LinkedIn comment to guess the correct number of GRI reports for 2011, I decided to commit a $500 donation to the NGO of choice of the winning prediction.

Henrik Weinestedt noted on a GRI LinkedIn Group the following: “With 2011 around the corner, why not try predicting how many GRI reports will be on the reports list at the end of 2011. The list downloaded today [22 Dec 2010?] contains 1365 reports. I would be very happy to see a 20% increase (1638 reports), so my guesstimate is 1600. How many reports do You think will be on the same list in a year from now? (Although we all know that a high reporting quality is perhaps as, or more, important, the more organizations reporting the better!)” 

I like this game! Allow me to provide you with an incentive to make your prediction. I commit to donate $500 to an NGO selected by the person who registered his/her correct prediction on this blog. Here is how I propose to go about this and because its Xmas, you get a couple of votes!

In your comment to this blog, register your prediction of number of GRI reports for 2011. Please include also your favorite NGO (501c3 or similar please - so I can claim a tax deduction!). This would be your first vote.

Given that there may not be a correct prediction, I will use your second vote in favor of either the Fulbright Academy for Science & Technology (FAST) or LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) to help me decide which one of these two great NGOs should receive my voluntary $500 donation at the end of 2011.

The cut-off for registering your prediction will be the end of January 2011 (and please comment only once). The ‘correct number’ will be the number that matches the total number of reports recorded on GRI’s reporting list published on 15 December 2011 (or immediately thereafter).  This is not a lottery or betting scheme, it will be based on a simple, honor system – and I will make all, inlcuding the final decision.

Hope you decide to join this game - Happy Holidays!

[11 April 2011 Update: Please see als my related blog post  ]