GRI Application Level “A+” Up, “Undeclared” Down, “GRI Checks” Up

Compared to 2009, GRI recorded more reports in the 'A+' GRI Application Level category, fewer reports in the ‘Undeclared’ category, and conducted more 'GRI Checks' boosting GRI's income. Bar chart attached.

GRI Application Level Declaration and GRI Checks 2009-2010
GRI Application Level Declaration and GRI Checks 2009-2010The misperception about and use of GRI Application Level provides for endless rounds of questions during GRI training courses – and lots of topics to blog about. A menu of some of my related blog entries is provided below:

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Application Levels were conceived as stepping stones for reporters to progress from inaugural reporting (C-level) to more advanced reporting (A level). They have also tunred into an important revenue stream for GRI. GRI charges about $2,000/report to conduct a ‘GRI Check’ of the reporters’ self-declared (or Third Party Checked or Assured) Application Level. GRI conducted over 800 such GRI Checks in 2009 and 2010. This contributed an estimated $1 million/year to GRI’s revenues since 2009.  Securing revenues for GRI is a good thing. However, further efforts are needed to ensure that - despite GRI's statement to the contrary - the markets and report users are informed that 'GRI Checks' do NOT provide any sort of confirmation of quality,  accuracy and credibility of the report content in a sense of an assurance process.

How do you feel about GRI Application Levels and GRI Checks? Will the need/value for GRI Check (and associated income) increase or decrease with adoption of Integrated Reporting?

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  1. For more background on the Application Levels and why the system was set up, please see here:

    Marjella Alma
    Report Services Manager, GRI

  2. Thanks for adding this link/background, Marjella.

  3. I just learned that GRI increased its ‘GRI Check’ prices to EUR 1,750 or about US$ 2,300 (for those who are not Organizational Stakeholders = members of GRI). For further info from GRI please see here.

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  5. Next to the changes in the fee model, there are also product updates to the report services (GRI Application Level Check and featured reports). There’s different package deals and the featured reports service fee has been decreased.
    The GRI-checked Icons will be available as part of a GRI application level check statement in order for both report maker and report user to present the Icon in its context.
    GRI will no longer make Icons available to illustrate third-party-checks and self-declarations. In these cases, the reporting organization or third party is asked to provide appropriate explanatory text in the reporting. For more information:
    GRI application level check (GRI ALC) –
    GRI featured reports service (GRI FR)-
    Packaged offerings (with JustMeans & 3BLmedia) –
    GRI reports list –

    GRI application levels -
    GRI and external assurance -

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