GRI Application Level Declaration 2009-2010 (Update)

With 457 new reports added to GRI’s 2010 database during Q1 of 2011, I decided to explore for new trends in the (dreaded?) GRI Application Declaration levels. Can you guess the trends?  Updating blog entries which made my '2010 Top 10 Blog List', I re-plotted the distribution of GRI Application Levels A+/A, B+/B, C+/C and ‘Undeclared’ for the publication period 2009 to 2010.

GRI A+/A, B+/B, C+/C, Undeclared

GRI Application Level Declaration 2009 to 2010

In addition to a 22% increase of GRI reports recorded between 2009 and 2010, the first thing that caught my eye when rummaging through GRI’s database was that 25% of the entries for the 2010 publication year were added during the first quarter of 2011. This does not seem to me to be a major flaw - in fact, GRI and Data Partners deserve some kudos for major improvements of GRI’s  database. However, some report makers and users may still wish to do their own homework (search for peer reports etc. online) if they require more timely and comprehensive access to published GRI reports (at least for now).

The other revelation when looking at % changes (see below) was – that there were not really any structural changes in distribution of GRI Application Levels between 2009 and 2010. The biggest and - I think - significant change was a 2.5% reduction in reports categorized as ‘Undeclared’. However, ‘Undeclared’ remained the largest de facto GRI Application Level declaration by reporters, followed by reports categorized as ‘A+’.

GRI Application Level Declaration Changes 2009-2010

Do you feel any major changes in your discussions with your senior management/clients relating to GRI's application levels?