Expecting up to 2,750 GRI reports for 2011?


By Dec 2010, GRI recorded 1,365 GRI reports for the 2010 period. Straw poll of GRI/CSR experts suggest we might see up to 2,750 reports in GRI’s database for the 2011 period. Is this too optimistic - and what is your guess? 

 In an earlier blog, which was inspired by Henrik Weinestedt, I decided to expand his guessing game and commit a $500 donation to the NGO of choice of the winning prediction.  I invited readers of my blog to register their prediction along with their favorite NGO -  or help me chose among two NGO options I provided. My NGO choices were the Leadership for Environment and Development and the Fulbright Academy for Science & Technology (the latter now also a GRI reporter about which I blogged here). Needless to say that this was not any sort of lottery or betting scheme – and you did not have to buy any anti-aging creams or yoghurts to join the game.

 Below the preliminary outcome of the straw poll.It shows estimates ranging from 1,590 to 2,750.

Name Estimate LEAD Fulbright Academy Other NGO Preference
Philip Chop 1,590     No preference noted
Henrik Weinestedt 1,600   1  
Steve Voien 1,706     Pacific Institute
Ian Ward 1,775     African Institute for Corporate Citizenship
Helena Barton 1,800     Habitat for Humanity
Reynaldo Robles 1,800     No preference noted
Claire Lane 1,860 1   Partners in Health
Mark Brownlie 2,011   1 Alberta Ecotrust
Khadeeja 2,500 1   Helping Hands
Elaine Cohen 2,750     No preference noted
Tamanna       Habitat for Humanity
Michael H. Rea       Cotllands

Since my original blog, GRI has added many more reports to its database. GRI’s report list for the 2010 period has grown from 1,365 in late December 2010 to 1,839 reports by early April 2011! This shows that GRI continues to improve its data base. And it complicates the lives of those of us who like to analyze and chat about reporting trends (see also my blog:  GRI Reporting Grows by 30% in USA and 50% in Canada).

What is your extpect total number of GRI reports for the 2011 period?

About the author: Mehrdad Nazari (MBA, MSc, LEAD Fellow) is a Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability Reporting & ESIA Advisor, and Director of Prizma. He was previously an environmental consultant with Dames & Moore, Principal Environmental Specialist at the EBRD and CSR Research Director at CoreRatings. Mehrdad is also a GRI-approved trainer on GRI's sustainability reporting framework and a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider.