King III and GRI plus 12 Report Out

Review of Sustainability Reporting in South Africa

For the third time in as many years, published its standard-setting research of all 100 GRI-based sustainability reporters and sheds light on King III style Integrated Reporting in South Africa.

Michael Rea of, which tied with PWC as the number one provider of sustainability assurance services in South Africa, and his collaborators have done it again: the third annual Review of Sustainability Reporting in South Africa was launched in Johannesburg to a large audience of attendees today.

The report offers many gems deserving more than one blog entry. One center piece of the report contains what is almost a ‘crash course’ on Integrated Reporting, which – linked to GRI - placed South Africa at the center of the sustainability reporting map.

Through this research, each company reviewed receives a - at times probably uninvited - complementary review of their sustainability reporting efforts and a rationalized and transparent ranking process. The ‘Top 5’ reporters emerging from this research are listed below:

1 Sasol Energy & Nat Res A+

2 Gold Fields Metals & Mining A+

3 Lonmin Metals & Mining A+

4 SustainabilityServices Services & Other A

5 Impahla Clothing General Industry A+ [Impahla - 2010 Sustainability Report ]

It is useful to note that Michael’s, a niche consulting business, ‘walks the talk’ and publishes its own GRI report. I also like to see that top ranking can be achieved by small companies, like the award winning Impahla Clothing which builds on its past sustainability buzz (see sample articles by triplepunditElaine Cohen, UNEP) and shows why it remains among the favorite ‘A-rated’ supplier of Puma. What is your favorite gem in this research report?