Prizma shortlisted by AfDB, searching for African Partners

The African Development Bank shortlisted Prizma to provide Training and Consultancy on Environmental and Social (E&S) Management in Financial Intermediaries (FI) and Microfinance Institutions (MFI). We are now searching for additional partners in Africa to collaborate with our team of experienced international experts.

The main objective of the project, which is being funded by Japan, is to assist selected African FI/MFIs to better manage E&S risks thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the African continent. The project includes the implementation of the latest E&S procedures at the AfDB and FI/MFI level supported through relevant capacity building (training and individual consultancy). The Project is expected to be implemented over a 3-year period and commence in mid-March 2012.

We are interested in identifying and collaborating with additional African-based partners for this assignments. We expect enthusiastic individuals/firms with at least 5-10 years of relevant professional experience dealing with environmental and social issues related to transactions of Financial Intermediaries and Microfinance Institutions.  Please contact Mehrdad [at] briefly highlighting your relevant experience and billing rate expectations (US$).

UPDATE (13 July 2012): The AfDB completed the selection process for consultant for the training & consultancy on environmental and social management in Financial Intermediaries/Microfinance Institutions in Africa. Disappointingly, Prizma's team landed only on the 2nd spot after Triodos Facet (Netherlands), and before IPC (Germany), GRONTMIJ (Denmark) and SDS (Kenya). The detailed results, including budgets, technial and financial ranking, can be accessed here (Award of contract-FAPA-training on ES for FI and MFI).

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Have implemented the Equator Principles Policies & Procedures in Egyptian Banks and am an ex-EBRD Head of Internal Audit, based in Cairo. Equator Principles are the same as the EBRD’s E&S policies

    Happy to join forces.

    Best regards, Tarek Rouchdy ACIB FCCA AMCT

  2. Rick van der Wiel says:

    I work at the moment as an independent banking consultant in developing countries.
    My key qualifications:
    •Senior banker in SME and retail banking.
    •Business planning, loan appraisal and evaluation of SME and agricultural finance applications.
    •Experienced chairman of a credit approval committee.
    •Extensive knowledge of mortgage loans in commercial and private real estate, policies, procedures, risk and training loan- and investment officers in this area.
    •Manager / consultant with an integral, international management experience, at executive-(hands-on) as well as at Board member level.
    •Set up a Greenfield operation in emerging markets (Mozambique), including strategic planning, setting up policies, procedures and manuals, designing client concepts, product development, risk management (audit and control), structural and cultural changes, HR management.
    •In the Netherlands guided mergers between local Rabobanks, relocation and reconstructions of bank buildings, account mgmt.

    I combine financial expertise with my knowledge of business development. As an independent purposeful thinker, I attach importance to cooperation, effectiveness, involvement, meaningfulness. I am a turn-around manager who has the ability to perform in complex circumstances. I remain calm in all situations, keeping an overview, but I can be decisive when needed.

    Rick van der Wiel

  3. William CODJO says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m interested in your project. I’ve worked for a panafrican bank for 8 years at a high level. I developed many tools for SME in risk and financial management. I put in place the factoring company of this bank.I’m currently working as a free lance consultant for many institutions like EU, UNDP, OIF, EBID, UNESCO in the field of entreprenership and in cultural industries etc.
    My experiences can be usefull for your assignements

  4. Ms. Amel Makhlouf says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an international expert on ESIA/EIA/SEA, environment and sustainable development in the African and Middle East regions with several international organisations, I am also the former METAP-EIA/SEA regional program of the World Bank for MENA countries, I was also the technical partner of the EUMEDIS program of the EU to improve the environmental performance of SMEs from 14 Mediterranean countries, I am also an expert of the UN/UNEP/UNDP on environment and sustainable development with a strong experience in training and project coordination,…, I know very well the AFDB system with whom I have a good experience as a consultant in these fields, I am actually based in Tunis. I would be very happy to cooperate with you.

    Best regards
    Ms. Amel Makhlouf

  5. Joseph Chikongoye says:

    Am Fiscat Economist providing training and consultancy Services on Capacity building for revenue collection staff for three states of South Sudan. I have worked with MFIs and SMEs in Tanzania developing their capacity in terms of developing their capacity in doing business and complying with tax laws. I Can partner with AFDB to provide services in respective area of focus and endure the intended goals. I am available to work any where on short term basis. In case you need more information do not hestate to contact me through email provided

    I hope you will be considerate


  6. A quick update to inform you that Prizma has found and assembled an awesome team for this RFP. Thanks to all of you who got in touch and/or referred me to others! I will post an update once I know the results (keeping fingers crossed)…

  7. Faye Reagon says:

    I am a knowledge management and research communication consultant. Would be keen to participate. Please email me specifications. Based in South Africa.

  8. NOUAFO Joubert says:

    cher Monsieur,
    je suis interessé en qualité de consultant individuel pour faire partie de votre équipe.
    Je suis camerounais
    j’ai 15 années d’expérience bancaire et une très bonne connaissance de la microfinance
    Depuis 2008? J’ai créé et je dirige le cabinet de consultant TARGET en côte d’ivoire dont je m’occupe actuellement du Bureau de Douala au Cameroun.
    Veuillez m’envoyer par mon mail les éléments dont ous avez besoin

  9. Laura says:

    Dear Sir,

    My partner and I are based in Dakar, Senegal. We would be interested in collaborating with you on this project if you have MFIs in the region.

    We have 5-6 years of experience in microfinance, including social performance management.

    Best regards, Laura

  10. This week, I found out that the selection process by the AfDB has not been completed yet. As invited, Prizma has now extended the validity of its bid by another 30 days to provide the AfDB with more time to complete its evaluation process.

  11. I posted final results in the blog.

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