Launch of Equator Principles III Delayed to July 2012

Today, the Equator Principles Association announced a delay to the development and launch of the Equator Principles III Update. The new launch date is currently set for July 2012. The updated development, consultation and launch schedule is shown below:

  • EPA consultation and drafting of the EP III - September 2011 - March 2012
  • External stakeholder consultation and public comment process - March - April 2012
  • Finalisation and launch of the EP III framework - May - July 2012

However, the Equator Principles Association noted also that the above timeline might be subject to further extension if deemed necessary. What impacts do you expect from this delay on your project development, bankable ESIA/Feasibility studies, financial advisory services and investment decisions? Will the leaders in the EPA abandoned the laggards in their group, beef up their approaches and external reporting without any further delays?

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3 Comments to Launch of Equator Principles III Delayed to July 2012

  1. The launch has been delayed again. New target date is October 2012.

  2. The EP III draft and associated communications were published this week (August 2012) and are now availble on the EP website at The Stakeholder Consultation and Public Comment period continues until Friday 12 October 2012.

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