Assessing Kyrgyz Commission’s Report on Centerra Gold’s Kumtor Mine

Centerra Gold’s Kumtor Gold Company commissioned Prizma to provide an Independent Assessment of a Kyrgyz Commission's Evaluation of Compliance with Environmental and Industrial Safety Standards at the high altitude Kumtor Gold Mine. Topics covered in Prizma’s report (which is also being translated for distribution) include transparency, water quality, biodiversity, glaciers, water consumption, geotechnical and mine closure issues.

In September 2011, the Kyrgyz Government mandated an Interagency Commission to conduct an inspection of the Kumtor mine. In recent years, the Kumtor operation contributed over 10% of the GNP, over 25% of the total industrial output and nearly 40% of the total national exports for the Kyrgyz Republic.

Prizma’s Independent Assessment was co-authored by Dr. Don Proebstel, Senior Biodiversity and ESIA Advisor, and Mehrdad Nazari, Senior Corporate Responsibility and ESIA Advisor. It involved site visits and extensive document reviews. The Assessment contains an analysis of the Commission’s critical assertions (Commission's Report), including commentaries distributed through CEE Bankwatch (Dr. Moran's Comments), an advocacy NGO.

A summary of Prizma’s Independent Assessment can be accessed here and the full report can be downloaded here.