Biodiversity Management Strategy & Plan for Gold Mine

Prizma was invited by Kumtor in the Kyrgyz Republic to assist with the development of its Biodiversity Management Strategy and Plan (BMSP). This included a stakeholder focus group workshop in Oct 2012 in Kyrgyzstan and brokering an MOU with Fauna & Flora International (see press release).

The workshop was attended by representatives from the State Agency for Environment and Forestry, two Kyrgyz nature reserves, conservation NGOs, such as Flora and Fauna International and recognized experts, such as Prof. Emil Shukurov, Editor of Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Red Book’ of endangered species. The workshop summary (drafted by FFI), workshop agenda, presentations and list of the participants can all be downloaded as PDFs further below.

Stakeholders welcomed Kumtor’s efforts to pursue a biodiversity management strategy and related collaboration with stakeholders. Kumtor is the first mining company in the Kyrgyz Republic to engage in such activities.

Key components of Kumtor’s BMSP include a portfolio of Biodiversity Enhancement initiatives expected to be implemented in collaboration with key stakeholders. In December 2012, Kumtor also announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fauna & Flora International. Related activities include updating the Sarychat Ertash Nature Reserve's Management Plan. FFI will also provide a series of training sessions for the Reserve staff and local communities, and technical support for the implementation of the Plan. The initial 2012-2013 budget is approximately US $250,000, of which Kumtor will contribute US $70,000 (see press release). Kumtor has also been providing training to its Community Relations Officers (CROs) to further improve stakeholder engagement activities (see here: Training CROs to Strengthen Social License).

What are the key components you would like to see covered in Kumtor's Biodiversity Management Strategy and Plan?

Workshop Proceedings can be downloaded below.

Kumtor's latest Annual Environmental Reports, Prizma's Independent Assessments and ERM's Environmental Due Diligence report can be accessed here.

UPDATE: You can now also access the “Kumtor and Biodiversity”, a summary document, in English, Russian and Kyrgyz. You can also download the full Kumtor Biodiversity Management Strategy and Plan.