Will you support car crash victim “Wally” and his furry friends?

Two weeks ago, a cat was rescued after being hit by a car. Although badly injured and no guardians in sight, Dr. Angela Witt at the Metro Animal Hospital in Wausau, WI, decided not to euthanize him. Is this a story with a happy ending?

In memory of an old cat friend, Dr. Angie named the car crash victim “Wally”. Supported by her colleagues, she wired his jaw and splinted his foot. Wally also has a mild proptosis of his left eye and is FIV positive. However, as you can see in the picture, Wally has been recovering quite nicely and is cuddling up with his new-found dog-friend.

Wally had no tag or microchip. His guardians have yet to find him and we left his description and contact details also with the Marathon County Human Society. Wally is currently staying with a foster family that will likely become his forever family.

Would you like to help Wally and his furry friends by contributing to his veterinary expenses and a pet food drive? Please consider re-posting this article and sending your contribution to the following address:

Metro Animal Hospital,1699 Schofield Ave. Suite 201, Schofield, WI  54476, USA, Phone:  (715) 241-7387 (note Wally & Furry Friends in memo section of your check please).

Any funds that exceed the expenses will be put towards the Metro Animal Health’s 4th Annual Pet Food Drive which will be delivered to The Neighbor's Place. Last year, Metro Animal Hospital’s clients and staff donated well over 1,000 pounds of cat and dog food (read article here).

Please be generous and extend the spirit of the holidays to Wally and his furry friends who need your help.