Working out of Zebra Office, Botswana

Zebras at Diamond Technology ParkWhile collecting data for a GRI-reporting assignment for a diamond company, I looked out of the window and smiled. I could see two zebras. What are they doing here?

Following a site visit to the Karowe diamond mine, I had the opportunity to continue my work out of Boteti Mining’s offices located in the Diamond Technology Park in Gaborone, Botswana. And this proved to be anything but an average day in the office for me.

Looking out of the window, I noted two zebras grazing in an enclosure. So I walked over to take the picture inserted further above.

It made me wonder: are these zebras kept here to ensure that visitors like me don’t forget that we are in Botswana? Sometimes it's good to take a minute and smell the roses - or see the zebras.

Lucara's 2012 Sustainability Report can be accessed here.