Prizma Develops Carbon Footprint for Kumtor Mine

Image courtesy of KOC

The Kumtor Gold Company, which runs a large-scale and high altitude gold mine in the Kyrgyz Republic, invited Prizma to complete a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventory.  - Shortlink:

This review identified that direct fuel consumption, which is primarily associated with Kumtor’s heavy equipment fleet that handles about 400,000 tonnes of materials per day, contributed 76% of its GHG footprint in 2012.

In contrast, Kumtor’s indirect energy use, which is generated primarily from renewable sources (hydropower) in the Kyrgyz Republic, contributed only about 6% of Kumtor’s total GHG emissions in 2012. The balance is largely generated by emissions derived from the use of explosives.

The data generated is expected to assist with the review of Kumtor’s energy use and GHG intensity. It will also support it’s environmental and sustainability reporting efforts.

Previously, Prizma supported Kumtor with the development of it's biodiversity management strategy and plan and also provided training to it's Community Relations Officers.