MDBs adopting GRI Framework

Cover_GRI4As a former staff of the European Bank currently assisting the World Bank with a stakeholder panel review of its corporate responsibility review, I was impressed to see that many of the major multilateral development banks (MDBs) have adopted the sustainability reporting framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The World Bank was one of the first organizations to adopt the latest – fourth generation – guidelines (GRI G4) already last year, and still remains the only one to do so amongst its peers.


A quick look shows that most of the major MDBs have adopted the GRI framework, although they seem to be at different stages of their sustainability reporting journey in terms of selection of GRI framework, content disclosure, and use of stakeholder panels or external assurance.

Multilateral Development Bank (MDB)
Sustainability Report
World Bank GRI G4 (Core)
International Finance Corporation (IFC) GRI G3.1 (?)
European Investment Bank (EIB) GRI G3.1 (A+)
Asian Development Bank (ADB) GRI G3.1 (?)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) GRI G3 (B)
Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB) GRI G3 (?)
African Development Bank (AfDB) MDG Report
Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) ?


Some of these MDBs have also been promoting the use of GRI as blogged earlier here: 

Have you accessed any corporate responsibility or sustainability reporting published by MDBs? What made you do that? How do you think adopting a sustainability reporting framework like the GRI adds value to an MDB and its stakeholders?

You can learn about selected other sustainability reporting and assurance projects supported by Prizma here:

2 Comments to MDBs adopting GRI Framework

  1. Sustainability reporting outside of an international framework such as the GRI by any organisation is almost unthinkable these days, for comparability between organisations as well as for year-on-year performance tracking.

    In terms of progressing from G3 to G4, many if not most reporters seem to be making use of the entire transition period until end of 2015.

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