Postcard from Atacama Chile

A sustainability reporting assurance engagement provided an opportunity to see the Atacama Desert and stop for a coffee at the beautiful Bahia Inglesia, one of the top 10 beaches in Chile. This trip also provided an opportunity to learn about the changing landscape of Indigenous Peoples in Chile, which seems to be shaping large scale developments ranging from renewables to extractives in the only Latin American OECD Member Country.   - Shortlink:

Last week (end of August 2015), Santiago witnessed protest by truck drivers lamenting security concerns associated with incendiary attacks by groups related to indigenous people in southern Chile. In 2014, Chile's Supreme court sided with indigenous groups and suspended the development of Goldcorp’s El Morro mine. More recently, Teck and Goldcorp announced the merger of their multi-billion dollar EL Morro and Relincho Projects in Chile. The new “Project Corridor” is planning to “undertake extensive engagement with communities, Indigenous Peoples and other stakeholders to help guide the project’s development.”

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