Wind farms and Completos in Chile

Chile is really growing on me. Three trips over the past three months have allowed me to visit different parts of Chile, experience an inviting culture, see diverse projects ranging from copper mining to renewables, and food I have not had before: including the humble Completo. -- Shortlink:

This series of trips started with a visit to the Candelaria Copper Mine and my introduction to pulpo (octopus) and locos (a sea snail). These delicacies were amazing.

The second trip involved a site visit for a planned solar PV project in the northern part of the Atacama Desert. Here, I was introduced to Lama meat, the famed citrus fruits and mangos from Pica, and some sort of sea urchin. The latter was not really my thing...

My most recent trip involved a confidential due diligence visit to an operating wind farm, and resulted in a curious new discovery: a colorful Completo, which is the Chilean response to the humble hot dog smothered with avocado, tomato and mayo or whatever else you fancy.

Looking forward to my next visit. What do you recommend I should try next?

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