GRI G4 Training and Baklava in Istanbul

Involved in sustainability reporting since 2008, it was time to practice what I preach: get GRI-G4 certified. So why did I go to Turkey…?  Shortlink:

After developing the first GRI-certified training program in North America, delivering a dozen or so GRI-certified GRI-G3 training courses in Canada and the USA, and assisting organizations with their reporting and G3/G4 transitioning journeys, it was time to get my GRI-G4 certification.

However, bypassing the crowded GRI training market in the US I explored other options now available around the world.

Always curious about other reporting regions and service providers, I jumped at the opportunity to join representatives from a former GRI reporting client and attend a GRI-G4 training course in Istanbul.

The course was ably delivered by Erdem Kolcuoğlu of Kıymet-i Harbiye, a prominent consultancy in the Turkish sustainability market space. It was very interesting to learn about a diverse set of issues ranging from reporting practices of closely held conglomerates in Turkey to stakeholder engagement challenges in Central Asia.

Meeting a former EBRD colleague and exploring collaboration opportunities while sightseeing in Istanbul was like the proverbial cherry baklava on the top.

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GRI training in Turkey

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