Time running out to switch from GRI-G3 to GRI-G4

GRI's statics depicted below show a major shift from GRI-G3, the 3rd generation sustainability reporting guidelines, to G4, the latest guidelines which further emphasize reporting on what matters and where it matters.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p27qSt-O1


The G4 guidelines were launched in 2013 and allowed for a reasonable transition period now coming to an end. As of January 1, 2016, the availability of G3 and G3.1 guidelines on GRI's website will be discontinued. Similarly, GRI will stop offering related services.

New features of the G4 guidelines include updated disclosures in governance, ethics and integrity, supply chain, anti-corruption and greenhouse gas emissions. The controversial categorization of reports as A,B, or C, which I used to complain about during numerous GRI-certified G3 courses I co-delivered across Canada and the USA, has been replaced with two "in accordance" criteria (Core or Comprehensive).

Are you in the process of switching to G4? Prizma's team features three experienced GRI-G4 certified advisors based in Canada, USA and Belgium. Our experience is particularly strong in the mining sector, which is among the Top 5 sectors publishing GRI reports, although we have also supported other organizations, such as the World Bank, with sustainability reporting related services. Our team also features AccountAbility licensed assurance providers enabling us to offer related assurance engagement services.

Have you recently switched from GRI G3 to G4 - or helped a reporter to do that? What has been your experiences with the transition? What are your top 3 recommendations to those who are contemplating this switch?

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