5,500 visitors and 11,400 page views in 2015

At the end of the year, it is always fun to take a look at the performance statistics of my blog and LinkedIn profile. For those of you interested, let me share the results with you.

In 2015, I posted 23 blogs (few examples listed below). These – along with a repository of over 200 previous blog entries - helped me attract over 5,500 visitors from 137 countries (mainly from the USA, UK and Canada), resulting in over 8,400 page views on my blog during 2015. This includes an interesting guest blog by Dr. Bill Kennedy: Postcard from Burkina Faso.


Since April 2015, I have also tried out the blog-type publication feature of LinkedIn. I found it to be easy to use and visually attractive when you add a good image. My 19 such publications attracted over 3,000 views (and exclude countless additional views of my LinkedIn updates). This includes an insightful guest entry by Peter Easton: Sustainability Reporting: Increasingly Past Sell-By-Date?

Overall, I feel happy with the balance of effort and visibility of my social media presence (limited to blog and LinkedIn). They enable cost-effective engagement with my peers and complement a more traditional web-presence of Prizma on www.prizmasolutions.com (which was also updated in 2015 to make it more mobile friendly).

Have you visited my blog, LinkedIn publications or website? You can find a few recent blog entries listed below. As a viewer, what did you like, what put you off, and how should these platforms be further improved?

Lucara Diamond GRI Reporting

Prizma engaged by IFC CAO

UEP WTG Transport

Prizma engaged by LMC for AA1000 Assurance

Prizma engaged by Sonnedix Atacama Solar


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