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Being Accused of Conflict of Interest not Fun

27_Kalia-Moldogazieva-taking-samples-at-the-Kumtor-Goldmine-Dr. Kalia Moldogazieva (right), the Director of “Tree of Life”, a Kyrgyz NGO, accused Prizma’s Mehrdad Nazari of “conflict of interest” in his work relating to Kumtor, a subsidiary of Centerra Gold. Are Dr. Moldogazieva’s concerns justified?


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Uptake of Independent Accountability Mechanisms at MFIs

Responding to stakeholder expectations, leading multilateral financial institutions have adopted Independent Accountability Mechanisms. They typically provide problem solving, compliance review and, in some instances, broader advisory services. Their case load and sectoral distribution varies considerably. Should IAMs be expanded to other bodies, like the Equator Banks?


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BHP MOZAL Smelter Back for OECD MNE Review

OECD Watch reports that UK National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises re-initiated review of BHP Billiton's bypass case of its MOZAL smelter in Mozambique after IFC Compliance Advisor Ombudsman appears to have failed to facilitate a resolution of this case.  Read More

Which US brands do not declare GRI Application Levels?

The key sectors among US-based GRI reporters that do not declare their application levels are Energy Sector, Energy Utilities, Health Care Products and Food and Beverage Products. Examples include Abbott, Chevron and PepsiCo.

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Should Equator Banks use Assurance?

Given trust deficit highlighted by Occupy Wall Street movement, should Equator Banks develop and adopt assurance standards, a recommendation emerging from the Strategic Review of the Equator Principles?

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Prizma publishes Summer 2011 News


Articles: Prizma provided Expert Witness services on ICSID arbitration case, assisted Lundin Mining and Fulbright Academy to generate Sustainability Reports, and co-delivered four GRI-certified training courses. Access newsletter here.

GRI Reporting in Mining on Increase

GRI Reporting in Mining Sector 2009-2010

GRI recorded 87 mining reporters for the 2010 period, up from 70 in 2009. 61 had adopted GRI’s Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. Nine were classified as integrated reports (4 from South Africa). Read More

Deloitte Highlights Need to Manage Risks of Sustainability Reporting


Deloitte's publication 'Sustainability Reporting: Managing risks and opportunities' provides a good summary of drivers for disclosure of sustainability data, and associated risks (reporting discrepancies, greenwashing, fraud and litigation). Read More

GRI Changes Application Level Check Processes: Will it Work?

GRI Checks Important Revenue Stream for GRIThe concept and application of GRI Application Level and related ‘Checks’ does not sit well with many ‘CSR nerds’. This is due to confusion of these concepts with some sort of assurance. Will changes introduced by GRI help? Read More

GRI Reporting Grows by 30% in USA and 50% in Canada

With over 450 new reports added to GRI’s database for 2010, it is time to present updated charts for Canada and the US. They show impressive growth rates, that these are different markets and that US reporters like to remain ‘Undeclared’.

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