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Inspiring Women associated with Kumtor Gold

A recent visit to the Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan provided opportunities to meet a series of inspiring women. These include staff eager to adopt best practice and entrepreneurs who form part of Kumtor's local procurement and supply chain.


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Local Procurement in Canadian Mining Sector

EWB Local Procurement by Canadian Mining Industry CoverIn February 2014, Engineers Without Borders Canada released a study on public reporting covering local procurement by the Canadian mining industry. Which companies were singled out as leaders and how does this compare to procurement reporting in some  GRI reports to which I contributed?


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Visiting Yuri Gagarin’s Bust – Postcard from Kyrgyzstan

Mehrdad Nazari visiting Yuri Gagarin Bust in BarskoonAs the negotiations around the Kumtor Gold Mine are continuing with more audits and inspections, I had a chance to stop for a picture at one of the more famous tourist sites in the Barskoon valley: a bust from Yuri Gagarin, the first human to journey into outer space in 1961.  - (Shortlink:   Read More

Equator Principles (EPIII) and IFC Performance Standards Training Courses

Equator Principles EPIII and IFC Performance Standards Training Course

Following successful courses delivered in London (hosted by Parsons Brinkerhoff on 21 Sept) and Toronto (hosted by TD Bank on 29 Oct), Prizma was commissioned by a confidential client to deliver a 1-day training courses on the Equator Principles (EPIII or EP3) and the IFC Performance Standards (2012) on December 19th, 2013 in Europe. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing about our future courses. - Shortlink is

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Biodiversity Offsets and Enhancements in Mining

Kumtor and Biodiversity CoverA recent BBOP newsletter and Kumtor Gold’s development of its Biodiversity Management Strategy underlined this: many (perhaps not all) roads lead to Rome and positive conservation outcomes. Does Kumtor's approach to support snow leopard and other conservation efforts in Central Asia add value? Will it's collaboration with NGOs such as FFI, the Sarychat Ertash Nature Reserve  (Zapovednik) and others work?

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Being Accused of Conflict of Interest not Fun

27_Kalia-Moldogazieva-taking-samples-at-the-Kumtor-Goldmine-Dr. Kalia Moldogazieva (right), the Director of “Tree of Life”, a Kyrgyz NGO, accused Prizma’s Mehrdad Nazari of “conflict of interest” in his work relating to Kumtor, a subsidiary of Centerra Gold. Are Dr. Moldogazieva’s concerns justified?


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Prizma publishes Winter 2012 Newsletter

Prizma Winter 2012 NewsletterPrizma publishes Winter 2012 Newsletter (PDF, 501 KB). Articles: Biodiversity Management Strategy & Plan for Kumtor Gold Mine; Sustainability Reporting for Lucara Diamond Corp.; Training Community Relations Officers from Mongolia, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan; and Gold Reserve Updates about ICSID Arbitration.

Prizma’s Top 10 Blogs in 2012

It’s that time of year again. As before, I have listed my Top 10 blogs below. Similar to last year, I blogged about 40 articles. Also similar to last year, my blog attracted over 17,000 page views in 2012. Top entries relate to IFC Performance Standards/Equator Principles, GRI and Sustainability Reporting, and the mining sector.


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Training CROs to Strengthen Social License

Developing and maintaining a social license has become a key success factor for extractive companies. The performance of Community Relations or Liaison Officers (CROs or CLOs) plays a critical role in this process as we heard during a recent training event in Central Asia. How do you boost the performance of your CRO teams?  Shortlink: Read More

Gold Reserve ICSID Arbitration Update

Gold Reserve provides an update about its Request for Arbitration under the Additional Facility Rules of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) filed in Nov 2009 and  seeking compensation totaling approximately US $2.1 billion.

22 Sep 2014 update: Gold Reserve Awarded $740.3 Million by ICSID for the Expropriation of the Brisas Project by Venezuela


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