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Creating Paper Parks or Biodiversity Value in Kyrgyzstan?

In 1995, the Kyrgyz Republic established the Sary-Chat Ertash Reserve or Zapovednik (SCER/SCEZ) near Centerra Gold’s high altitude Kumtor gold mine. While inaccurate maps and politics seem to fuel misunderstandings about the SCER’s boundaries and Kumtor’s impacts, an important question deserves more attention: Is the SCER just another ‘paper park’ or is it generating biodiversity value? Read More

What do Mining and Gardening Have in Common?

Even the most diverse projects in different parts of the world tend to share some communalities in terms of context. And sometimes, recognizing these can be very sobering. Two recent assignments in the lawn and garden sector in North America (ScottsMiracle-Gro) and the mining sector in Central Asia (Centerra Gold's Kumtor mine) drove home the importance of climate change issues.

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Canadian CSR Councellor Launches Consultation on Dispute Resolution Mechanism

The Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor launched consultations on its new dispute-resolution mechanism. Will this - and the role of the CSR Councellor more generally - make the controversial Bill C-300 obsolete? Read More

Can CSR in Mining deliver MDG and Reputational Lift?

On March 6, 2010, the Canadian CSR Councilor, Marketa Evans, delivered her key note speech on 21st Century CSR at the Mining, People and Environment event which preceded the Prospector & Developer Association of Canada’s (PDAC) convention in Toronto. Her comments provided some food for thought and raised interesting discussions. Read More

Continued Industry Opposition to CSR Bill C-300 in Canada

Clear lines in the sand about CSR Bill C-300 targeting Canadian extractive companies operating abroad: mining advocacy NGOs are in favor and industry  is opposed. But what are administrative implications in terms of possible case load emerging from adoption of this Bill? Read More

CSR Bill C-300 – A Storm in the Tea Cup?

Are some of the heated discussions around the Canadian Bill C-300 designed to regulate the CSR performance of Canadian extractive companies operating abroad a storm in the tea cup? Read More

Review Mechanism Priority for Canadian CSR Councellor

During a webinar hosted by the Canadian Institute for Mining & Petroleum (CIM) today, Dr. Marketa Evans, the recently appointed CSR Counsellor for the Canadian extractive sector operating abroad, identified the development of a review mechanism of complaints as an emerging priority. Read More