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Kyrgyz Prime Minister Babanov Visited Kumtor Mine – and me too!

In July 2012, Centerra Gold hosted a visit by Kyrgyz Prime Minister Babanov, parliamentarians, experts and media to the Kumtor mine. This followed a Governmental decree issued a day earlier which cancelled a prior decree granting Kumtor certain surface rights in relation to the project. Read More

Sustainability Reporting in Mining Continues to Grow

While PDAC departed from developing a voluntary sustainability reporting framework for its members, adoption of GRI continues to grow in the mining sector - albeit slowly. - Shortlink:

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Creating Paper Parks or Biodiversity Value in Kyrgyzstan?

In 1995, the Kyrgyz Republic established the Sary-Chat Ertash Reserve or Zapovednik (SCER/SCEZ) near Centerra Gold’s high altitude Kumtor gold mine. While inaccurate maps and politics seem to fuel misunderstandings about the SCER’s boundaries and Kumtor’s impacts, an important question deserves more attention: Is the SCER just another ‘paper park’ or is it generating biodiversity value? Read More

Assessing Kyrgyz Commission’s Report on Centerra Gold’s Kumtor Mine

Centerra Gold’s Kumtor Gold Company commissioned Prizma to provide an Independent Assessment of a Kyrgyz Commission's Evaluation of Compliance with Environmental and Industrial Safety Standards at the high altitude Kumtor Gold Mine. Topics covered in Prizma’s report (which is also being translated for distribution) include transparency, water quality, biodiversity, glaciers, water consumption, geotechnical and mine closure issues. Read More

Supporting Claimant at International Arbitration Hearing at ICSID

Prizma's Mehrdad Nazari was engaged by White & Case to serve as an Expert Witness for Claimant in the case of Gold Reserve Inc. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which is before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). According to its press release, Gold Reserve claims damages of approximately $2.1 billion arising from violations of provisions of the Canada-Venezuela bilateral investment treaty resulting in the effective expropriation of Gold Reserve's sizable investments in the Brisas gold/copper project and the Choco 5 property.

22 Sep 2014 update: Gold Reserve Awarded $740.3 Million by ICSID for the Expropriation of the Brisas Project by Venezuela

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What do Mining and Gardening Have in Common?

Even the most diverse projects in different parts of the world tend to share some communalities in terms of context. And sometimes, recognizing these can be very sobering. Two recent assignments in the lawn and garden sector in North America (ScottsMiracle-Gro) and the mining sector in Central Asia (Centerra Gold's Kumtor mine) drove home the importance of climate change issues.

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Canada’s GRI reporting in 2011 appears on par with 2010

Although 2011 GRI reporting in the US seems to be trailing by nearly 30% from 2010, Canada’s numbers remain largely on par. But has push by government and PDAC been effective? Read More

GRI Reporting in Mining on Increase

GRI Reporting in Mining Sector 2009-2010

GRI recorded 87 mining reporters for the 2010 period, up from 70 in 2009. 61 had adopted GRI’s Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. Nine were classified as integrated reports (4 from South Africa). Read More

GRI Reporting Grows by 30% in USA and 50% in Canada

With over 450 new reports added to GRI’s database for 2010, it is time to present updated charts for Canada and the US. They show impressive growth rates, that these are different markets and that US reporters like to remain ‘Undeclared’.

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NGOs Testing BHP Billiton and Investors’ Metal

As discussions about the failed Bill C300 are subsiding, BHP Billiton's sustainability report is being mocked and NGOs lodged complaints about the company’s Mozal aluminum smelter with the JSE SRI Index and IFC’s independent recourse mechanism. Read More