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Will GRI be able to catch up with IPIECA’s lead?

While GRI is still completing its first-generation Oil and Gas Sector Supplement, IPIECA scores more endorsements for its second generation sustainability reporting guidelines. Will GRI be able to catch up?

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IFC discloses 2011 Performance Standards

IFC disclosed its 2011 Sustainability Framework (that includes the IFC Performance Standards) which will become effective on January 1, 2012. They contain strengthened aspects related to transparency, climate change, business and human rights, biodiversity and supply-chain management.

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Strategic Environmental Assessments in Mining

There appears to be an increase in SEAs relating to the extractive/mining sector, including the Central Namib Uranium Rush study, which caught my eye.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p27qSt-cL

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Should GRI be Added to IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles?

Those looking for encouragement for sustainability reporting and/or GRI in the draft revision of the IFC Performance Standards will be disappointed. But the revision process is not over yet. Read More

Prizmablog.com’s Top 10 Blogs in 2010

The following list comprises the most popular entries amongst 78 blogs posted in 2010 which resulted in over 13,400 page views: Read More

IFC Performance Standards Revisions Entering Final Lap

In its recent CODE Progress Report on IFC Sustainability Framework Review and Update ( December 1, 2010), IFC notes that, with exceptions (such as the Access to Information Policy), majority of proposed changes are clarifications rather than material changes.  Read More

IPIECA, API and OGP Publish Sustainability Reporting Guide for Oil & Gas Sector

While GRI’s sector supplement is still work in progress, IPIECA, API and OGP jointly published the second edition of the Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting in December 2010. Read More

Octopus Paul Predicts More Canadian Mining Sustainability Reports

Officially retired from predicting world cup soccer games, Octopus Paul now expects proliferation of first-time sustainability reporting amongst Canadian listed mining companies. Will Paul be right again? Read More

What are Cost Drivers of Sustainability Reporting for First Timers?

While some may still be wondering how long they can get away without reporting, others see this as an opportunity to leverage sunk costs, impress investors and drive performance improvement. All first time reporters who have discovered their own business case in reporting will be wondering about one thing: what are cost drivers of inaugural sustainability reporting? - Shortlink: http://wp.me/p27qSt-4v

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Perenco (Oil & Gas) Published First CSR Report –Why Now?

Inaugural sustainability reports, even if they don’t hit all the right notes, empower internal champions and create opportunities for better stakeholder engagement and transparency, and can help drive  performance improvements. But are you not intrigued to find out what catalyzed and motivated Perenco, an independent oil and gas company operating in places like Gabon, DR Congo, Peru and Guatemala, to create its first CSR report? Is it perhaps related to the recent creation of a $2.8bn reserve-based lending involving Equator Banks, which will also assist with completion of a controversial oil pipeline in Peru’s rainforests? Read More