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Postcard from London: Meeting at EBRD, Harpenden or Joburg?

Temporary being based in the UK has its upsides. It is not as cold as Wisconsin (-26 F yesterday) and you can easily visit Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge (stadium). Reconnecting with colleagues and friends can be more tricky. Luckily, we could arrange to meet in Joburg.


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Funny Breathelizing Tests by Kyrgyz Police

My next car to drive in Kyrgyz Republic

Driving in emerging markets requires courage. But it also provides endless stream of funny stories. Most pale when compared to traffic police stops as demonstrated by this example from the Kyrgyz Republic.


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Visiting Yuri Gagarin’s Bust – Postcard from Kyrgyzstan

Mehrdad Nazari visiting Yuri Gagarin Bust in BarskoonAs the negotiations around the Kumtor Gold Mine are continuing with more audits and inspections, I had a chance to stop for a picture at one of the more famous tourist sites in the Barskoon valley: a bust from Yuri Gagarin, the first human to journey into outer space in 1961.  - (Shortlink:   Read More

Postcard from the Panama Canal


As we were watching in awe how large container ships were guided through the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal, I wondered if the tourists around us were aware of the on-going expansion of the Panama Canal, co-financed by IFC, ADC, IADB, EIB and JBIC, and the emerging $40 billion competition in Nicaragua. (Shortlink:

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Postcard from Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic

Working as an international ESIA and CSR consultant has its perks. This includes visiting fascinating people and places off the beaten track. But finding problems, such as lack of access to safe drinking water, remains depressing. (And don't mention jet-lag...) Read More